Our ICU and NICU Ambulance is provided with the following types of equipment :

  •  Adult Ventilator

  • Pediatric Ventilator

  • BIPAP and CPAP Machines

  • Pediatric Transport Incubator

  • Defibrillator

  • Cardiac Monitor

  • Pulse Oximeter

  • Suction Machine

  • Syringe Pump

  • Nebulizer, Glucometer

  • B.P.Apparatus

  • Stethoscope

  • Oxygen

  • Emergency Medicines

  • Emergency Medical Technicians

  • Doctors on Demand

In our Emergency vehicle, we are offering all multispecialty medical instruments which are internationally approved and well trained "Emergency Medical Technicians (EMT), and our "Emergency Rescue Pilot" experts will reach you at the Hospital within the Target time.

Our Vehicles are fabricated with high standards so we can provide a microbial-free environment for the safe transportation of clients.