Generally speaking, counseling falls in the ambit of “Talking therapy” which allows and encourages people to speak out about their feelings and concerns in a private and confidential environment.

The counselor provides the person with the much-needed space where the person can be themselves and speak out without having to sound correct, just open up about how they actually feel, without the fear of being judged or criticized, and also without any unsolicited advice.

This luxury of being able to speak out without any restrictions or having to conform to any norms is quite beneficial to a lot of many individuals. 

After thoroughly understanding the person’s situation, the counselor advises him in a way that improves his situation.

With the advent of technology, you can easily avail of in-home counseling services that too stay anonymous if you don’t wish to reveal yourself.

At Med’s Home Health Care, our well-trained and empathetic counselors provide anonymous support therapy through Audio and Video calls and at-home counseling sessions also.

Although we don’t believe that there is any shame in seeking counseling help, we do respect our client’s wishes and strictly adhere to them.