About Us

Medwagon Healthcare Private Limited is a leading healthcare management firm in Kerala. Founded in February 2021 by a group of young entrepreneurs with a proven record of excellence in healthcare, Medwagon Healthcare Private Limited is bringing palpable change in the healthcare landscape of Kerala.

Being a socially committed organization, we associate closely with the Government of Kerala and its implementation divisions to provide technical support and deliver services as required in the healthcare sector. One such initiative is the Neo-Cradle Project of National Health Mission, Kozhikode providing specialized emergency transportation to neonates requiring intensive care and management.

We aspire to be the leader in the healthcare service delivery sector in Kerala by fulfilling our role as a provider of high-quality equipment, consumables, and services. Our team is committed to excellence in healthcare through competence and promptness. We strive to bring value to firms & businesses in the healthcare sector and individuals accessing care without compromising quality.

Why Choose Us

To be the leader in healthcare service delivery in Kerala by building meaningful partnerships and collaboration with government, businesses, and firms to bring about transformational change in the way hospitals and healthcare providers. 


We believe in the power of community and the strength that comes with joint effort. Best results happen only through collaboration and concerted action. Our mission statement is not merely our company motto. It describes our aspirations for the healthcare sector of Kerala.

To bring value to firms, businesses, governments, and individuals by providing specialized services like neonatal emergency transportation, distribution of high-end medical equipment and consumables, training & upskilling of medical and paramedical personnel, and by enabling government & private healthcare providers to provide services of the highest possible standards and quality to clients.


Being a young company on an audacious mission, we operate through two verticals at present:

a. Business facing verticle

  • Provision of outreach clinical services including home care and community clinics

  • Supply of high-quality medical devices to healthcare providers

  • Supply of high-quality consumables to hospitals & healthcare providers

  • ICU/NICU ambulance services across the state

  • Air Ambulance service

  • Train Ambulance service

  • Training & upskilling of emergency medical technicians

  • Fabrication & setting up of mobile medical units


b. Client-facing verticle

  • Home healthcare services

  • Mobile Medical Units

  • Palliative care services


  • Med's Home Health Care

    Med’s Home health care provides professional support services that allow a person to meet their activities of daily living safely in their home. In-home care services can help someone who is aging and needs assistance to live independently; is managing chronic health issues; is recovering from a medical setback, or has special needs or a disability. Professional caregivers such as nurses, aides, and doctors provide short-term or long-term care in the home, depending on a person's needs.

  • Med Taxi Service (Non-Emergency Medical Transfer)

MED’s TAXI. This is a special purpose vehicle designed for people who have special needs, wheelchair or stretcher transportation, with or without medical supervision/assistance during transportation.

  • Easy access for Hospitals
  • Provide Service With medical professional support
  • We provide Safe and comfortable travel
  • Bystander assistance will be providing
  • Our executive will be with you at the hospital to fulfilling your needs
  • Med team will bring appointment from the hospital
  • Wheelchair assistance and other medical aids will provide
  • Will provide vehicle as per the requirements
  • Will fulfill your all medical needs in the hospital while hospital visits.


  • Fully Equipped Ambulances

Our Ambulances are fully equipped with all the emergency equipment like Adult and Pediatric ventilators, Bi Pap and C Pap Machine, Pediatric Incubator, Crashcart with WHO standardized life-saving articles, Defibrillator, Syringe and Infusion pumps, 20 hours of Continuous Oxygen Supply with wall mount oxygen ports.

  • Trained Staff

Med wagon company only employs highly competent and experienced staff who are trained for Basic and Advanced Life Support Courses. They can handle any emergencies.

  • Infection-Free Environment

All our staff follows Universal Infection Control Policy to prevent cross infection and the interior of vehicles are

fully fiberized which enhances easy disinfection. 

  • Quickest Arrival

With more ambulances added to the roads and a smooth book-on-call experience.

  • 24*7 Call Center

              We have 365 days 24*7 call center to assist you.